Our Team in Texarkana, TX

Office Manager

Loryn Murray

Loryn has been with Wisdom Animal Clinic for 2 years and took over the Office Manager position in 2016. Loryn is the Clinic’s Human Resources, Customer Service and Bookkeeping departments. Her responsibilities include managing the staff, maintaining the schedules and staff training. She is continually learning new ways to improve the efficiency and atmosphere here at the clinic.


The front desk staff is an integral part of the Wisdom Animal Clinic team. They are the first people a client has contact with, whether in person or over the phone. They juggle the schedule, registering and discharging patients, entering information into the computer and answering the phone. The receptionists stand ready to answer questions and concerns regarding a wide array of issues. They are Wisdom Animal Clinic’s first line in customer service and strive to make a visit to the clinic a positive and rewarding experience for the client and pet.

Stephanie Stone

Stephanie Stone

Charissa Henne

Charissa Henne

Caitlan Ford

Jamie Blocker



The technicians at Wisdom Animal Clinic are essential team members, providing a wide array of duties each and every day. They create a layered level of expertise behind the scenes. They are sensitive to following the Veterinarians instructions for each patient and discuss any changes in their patient’s conditions. The technicians assist the doctors by restraining patients, drawing and running blood work, monitoring patients under anesthesia, taking radiographs, performing dental cleaning and basically being the veterinarians’ right hand at the clinic. All excel at providing excellent and companionate care to patients.

Kelly Wilson

Kelly Wilson

Amber Beasley

Ty Page

Cassie Wright

Lab Technicians

The lab assistants perform an essential service at Wisdom Animal Clinic. These skill and knowledgeable team members work in the exam rooms and pharmacy. They take vitals on patients and medical histories from owners, all the while giving each pet a cuddle or scratch behind the ears. They answer questions about medications and seek to educate owners about preventative care. The lab technicians fill each prescription with care and assist the veterinarians with patients in the exam rooms.

Katelynn Vejvoda

Brianna Adcock


Savanah Binkley

Kennel Attendants

Wisdom Animal Clinic’s kennel assistants are the back bone of the clinic. They not only make sure the facility is clean from top to bottom and fully maintained, but also ensure the pets in the hospital are receiving exemplary care while staying. The kennel staff makes sure each patient has a bed, food and water and a doctor’s care if something is wrong. They walk all the dogs a give the cats an extra scratch behind the ears.

Francisco Perez

Francisco Perez

Hanna McClain